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10 Health Benefits of Camping in the Great Outdoors

Escaping to the great outdoors is a great way to make lasting memories with family and friends, but did you know there is also many benefits of camping? Whether you're young or old, a beginner camper or camping advocate, there are plenty of advantages for everyone. Keep reading for 10 health benefits of camping in the great outdoors!


Reducing stress is a health benefit of camping outdoors.

Reduce Stress

One of the main reasons why a family plans a vacation is to get away from the stress and routine of their everyday life. By escaping to the great outdoors, you'll notice that your stress and anxiety levels will decrease due to focusing on what really matters - making memories with loved ones. It's time to start planning your camping trip today!


Vitamin D is an amazing health benefit of camping.

Give Your Body The Vitamin D It Needs

Vitamin D is a crucial element to the health of your body and mind. Vitamin D from the sunshine not only gives your body energy, but it also promotes bone growth, reduces stress levels, increases restful sleep, and promotes your overall mood. With all the time spent in the sunshine, don't forget to pack plenty of sunscreen, some sunglasses, and a hat or umbrella!


Escape from the digital world and experience all of the benefits of acamping trip.

Escape From The Digital World

Go on a social media hiatus and explore all that our Camp-Resort has to offer! Instead of your family being glued to their phones reading about the daily news, celebrity gossip, or trending games, they'll be focusing on when the pool opens, what themed event is happening right now, and how many s'mores they are going to eat at night. It's a win win!


One benefit of camping is the ability to try out new hobbies!

Find New Hobbies

There's so much to do at our Camp-Resort, you're sure to find a new hobby or interest after your Indiana camping trip! At Jellystone Park™ Barton Lake, we have many attractions that will allow you to explore an activity you may not have tried before. Head down to the lake where you can fish, swim, build sand castles or simply set up a chair and relax. In addition, we have a variety of sports courts including basketball and volleyball that you can try without purchasing any equipment or take on your friends and family in 18 holes of mini golf. This is a great way to try a new activity that may lead to another hobby!


One of the health benefits of camping is improved sleep.

Improve Sleep

Yes, you read that right! If you are struggling with insomnia, a camping trip may be just what you need. By booking a camping getaway at Jellystone Park™ Barton Lake, your days will be filled with attractions and activities from sunrise to sunset. With so much action, your body will feel more relaxed at night, allowing for easier and more restful sleep.


Get your inspiration flowing and experience the benefits of camping.

Get Your Inspiration Flowing

Trying new things and being outside allows your mind to think outside the box, letting your imagination run wild! Embrace this newly found inspiration during your camping trip and you'll have a new outlook in life. You may be inspired to do more outdoor activities on a daily basis, or even book a family camping trip more than once a year.


An overlooked benefit of camping is enjoying time by yourself.

Enjoy Time For Yourself

Whether you're camping by yourself, with a significant other, or with your entire family, it's crucial to set aside some alone time for your well being. When camping in the great outdoors, you'll feel more connected with nature and with yourself. Plus, when you're camping at our Camp-Resort, you'll enjoy scenic views of Barton Lake everywhere you look, making it easy to get that alone time in a peaceful setting.


A health benefit of camping is the chance to try new recipes on a campfire.

Eat Healthier & Try New Recipes

Another health benefit of camping is the new recipes and healthier foods you get to try! The possibilities are endless when cooking on the campfire. From grilled salmon with fresh veggies, to grilled peaches and banana s'mores, your tummy will be grumbling in happiness after you have a taste of one of these dishes. Check out a list of healthy camping recipes here. Say goodbye to fast food restaurants and hello to delicious, protein-packed meals on the campfire!


A benefit of camping is learning to appreciate nature.

Learn To Appreciate The Earth

By spending so much time outside soaking in the sunshine, you'll learn to appreciate all that nature has to offer. From blue skies and sunny days, to chilly nights around the campfire, a new love of the great outdoors is sure to arise. No matter if you've already booked your camping trip or are still in the planning stage, we recommend getting outside and enjoying the fresh air both today and everyday!


Meeting new friends is a great way to gain health benefits of camping.

Make New Friends

Whether you're planning to camp in a tent, cabin, or RV site, odds are you will be located next to another family looking to make camping memories too. Take advantage of this by introducing yourselves, inviting them over for a meal around the campfire, or engaging in some camping activities together. Who knows, you or your kids may make lifelong friends due to one common love - camping!


From finding new hobbies and eating healthier, to improving sleep and reducing stress, the health benefits of camping are endless. We hope these 10 health benefits convince you to book a camping trip for this season, or perhaps multiple! If you're looking to book your stay at our Camp-Resort, we recommend booking now to secure the date you are looking for. Plus, we can book up to 360 days in advance! We look forward to introducing you to all that the great outdoors has to offer.